David Pleacher
David Pleacher taught mathematics for forty years in Virginia and New York and is now retired and living in Colorado.   He has maintained a math page on the internet since 1998.   He has also written web pages on computer humor, Internet Forwards, Visits to the National Parks, his father-in-law's World War II story, and several other topics.   Visit his web sites listed below:
Mr. P's Math Page

Collection of Internet Forwards

Gram and Pops at the National Parks

Computer Humor

Bible Puzzles

Elizabeth's State Capitals Adventure

McBackpack Non-Profit


Scenic Railroads & Model Railroads

Sports Statistics

Favorite Family Recipes

Information about Mr. Pleacher

The following web pages are no longer being updated:

Papa's World War II Adventures

The Handley Math Page

Kate's 50 State Quest

Handley Academic Honors

Handley Sports Statistics

The French and Indian War Foundation

Second National Parks Page (1024 x 768)

Original National Parks Page (800 x 600)

Photos of the John Steinbeck Museum

Photos of the Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

Pictures of James

Pictures of Carrie

Pictures of Kate

Pictures of Jackson

Pictures of Mike's First Bike