Pictures of Carrie
4 years old

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Carrie on her 4th Birthday

Carrie at her school birthday party

Carrie with Mom at tea party

Carrie with Lindsay

Carrie with kate

Carrie with Gram

Carrie with Dad and Kate

Carrie with James and Kate

Carrie at Vacation Bible School

Carrie at Dance Recital

Carrie with Kate

Carrie, Kate, and James

Carrie with Kate, Dad, and James

Carrie reading to Kate

Carrie on her First Day of School

Carrie on her First Day of Class

Carrie -- The Clemson Fan

Carrie and Kate on Farm Day

Carrie Lifting a Pumpkin

Carrie with Megan and Kelli at Halloween

Carrie with James and Kate

Carrie at 4 1/2 years

Carrie with Mom

Gram with grandchildren

Carrie at NFL Experience

Carrie Playing Mini Golf

Carrie Playing Basketball

Carrie with Kate

Carrie Practicing Karate

Carrie at Sherando

Carrie Getting Her Gold Belt


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