Top Ten Reasons why I can't debug my own programs!

by David Pleacher

This Top Ten List came about after I became upset with my C++ students not debugging their own programs.

#10   This is what teachers are paid for -- I don't get paid for coming to school!

#9   I don't need to pay attention to the discussions. I have all the notes in a file.
        Besides, I can get a head start on my programs!

#8   I'll write the whole program first; then start to debug it.   In fact,
        I'll write the whole program in main -- I'll split it up later.

#7   The teacher didn't teach the topic well enough!

#6   Why should I put in cout statements to test values?   Then I have to take those
        statements out again!

#5   What does the teacher mean -- syntax errors, logic errors, and run-time errors?

#4   I don't need to look at the errors or the warnings.   The teacher can tell me what
        they mean.

#3   I'll write the whole program without comments.   I'll put them in later if I have time.

#2   I don't have time for debugging -- I have better things to do with my time.
        Besides, what's old man Pleacher have to do with his time?

#1   I don't use flowcharts -- Flowcharts are for babies.