"The Times They Are A Changin"
sung to Bob Dylan's song

come gather round people wherever you roam 
and accept that the networks around you have grown 
and admit that software piracy you don't condone 
if your data to you is worth saving 
then you better make backups 
on your macs or pc clones 
for the times they are a changin

come students and staffers who double-click with your mice 
and keep your eyes open - your screen savers look so nice 
and don't blame network downtime on poltergeists 
the new copy of WORD just delivered 
takes 2 dozen diskettes and needs 40 megabytes 
cos' the times they are a changin

come faculty and administrators, please read your e-mail 
it's been there for months now and it's gettin stale 
our attempts to get more disk space from ADP have failed 
the battle on campus is ragin 
whether we will use windows or macs will prevail 
yup the times they are a changin

come users and sysadmins all over the LAN 
your bandwidth requirements we don't understand 
your digital desktops and cryptic commands 
your multimedia stations 
were not in the budget of our five year plan 
but the times they are a changin

with Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI 
we've got the best network that money can buy 
with Internet access and registration on-line 
but yesterday when he was cleaning 
the janitor unplugged the power and all systems died 
oh the times they are a changin