A road sign reading 'Thank you for driving carefully' in front of a car that's flipped on its side

A man eating a sandwich at Subway while reading a book which is entitled 'Fasting'

A van branded 'The Republican: Where The News Hits Home' literally hits a home

Whoever decided to name a boat 'No Worries' surely must have considered whether they were tempting fate

Verizon's slogan of 'We never stop working for you' proved to be very ironic when one company went out of business

A 'No standing at any time' sign decided that it had to follow its own rules by falling over on its side

A mysterious 'Invisible Spray' on sale really did appear to be invisible after the shop ran out stock

Customers may have thought twice about buying fasteners from this store after their sign came loose

A coaster telling children that 'Teeth are not for biting' clearly did not do the trick

A poster for a TV psychic's show did not end up being the best ad for his skills after it was cancelled due to 'unforeseen circumstances'

In an awkward juxtaposition, a childhood obesity poster was put up next to an ad for McDonald's

The National Association of Telemarketers office has an 'Absolutely no soliciting sign' in the window

One man was clearly not taking the advice of his self-help book entitled 'Never Eat Alone'

'The tans will fade but the memories will last forever'. Unfortunately, the word 'memories' has faded as well

An extremely sticky label stuck on a brand new Tesco Value pan in an infuriatingly determined fashion, which reads 'non-stick fry pan'

There is much online debate regarding the college of architecture sign but it is probably safe to assume this is the work of Photoshop wizardry

Whoever crafted this 'nothing is written in stone' slab evidently has a rebellious streak

A tall semi which has seemingly taken a gamble on a low bridge and crashed spectacularly, branded with the slogan, 'on the road to success, there are no shortcuts'

Similarliy, a Metro bus which has ploughed into a car bearing the statement 'safety begins with you'

The prisoner transport police car which just so happens to a Ford Escape

It's not clear why a group of young men are striding along the pavement all wearing identical shirts which say 'be different' but obviously they are anything but

You can't blame the eager beaver who is nibbling away at a wooden post marked 'no feeding' for not being able to read English

This dog owner will no doubt be asking for their money back after their pooch tucked into a bottle of 'anti-chewing spray'

Company bosses may have been keen to show off their patriotic credentials, but that didn't stop them from turning overseas for cheap manufacturing

This maintenance store is its own worst advertisement thanks to a broken doorbell

The film may be Unbreakable, but it seems the Netflix DVD disc it's recorded on is not

Ironically, library users will have to ask for assistance to reach the self-help books on the top shelf

A row of Domino's delivery bikes appears to have topped like a game of... well, Dominoes

It was all going so well, until this newly-trained pup ripped up his 'certificate of obedience'