When my grandchildren began to text, I found that I needed to learn a new language so that I could continue to communicate with them.
      However, I discovered that while we were using the same language, the acronyms meant something altogether different!

When Teens Text

AAF: "As A Friend" or "Always And Forever"
ATM: "At The Moment"

BFF: "Best Friends Forever"
BTW: "By The Way."

CB: "Chat Break" or "Coffee Break"
CUA: "See You Around"

DWI: "Deal With It"

FTE: "Full Time Employee"
FWB: "Friends With Benefits"
FWIW: "For What It's Worth"
FYI: "For Your Information"

GIAR: "Give It A Rest"
GOML: "Get On My Level"
GGMSOT: "Gotta Get Me Some Of That"
GGOH: " Gotta Get Outa Here"
GGP: "Gotta Go Pee"
GTG: "Got To Go"

IMHO: "In My Humble Opinion"

LOL" "Laughing Out Loud"
LWO: "Love Won Out"

MBN: "Must Be Nice"
MEGO: "My Eyes Glaze Over"

OMG: "Oh My God" or "Oh My Gosh"
OMDB: "Over My Dead Body"

PMF: "Pardon My French"

ROTFL: "Rolling on the floor laughing"

SUP: "What's Up?"

TGIF: "Thank God It's Friday!"
TNT: "Til Next Time"
TTYL: "Talk To You later"

WAN2TLK: "Want to talk?"
WUCIWUG: "What you see is what you get"
WTG: "Way To Go"
WWNC: "Will Wonders Never Cease?"

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When Seniors Text

AAF: "Asleep At Five"
ATD: "At The Doctor's"

BFF: "Best Friend Fell"
BTW: "Bring the wheelchair."

CBM: "Covered By Medicare"
CUATSC: "See You At The Senior Center"

DWI: "Driving While Incontinent"

FTE: "False Teeth Escaped"
FWB: "Friend With Beta blockers"
FWIW: "Forgot where I was!"
FYI: "For Your Indigestion" or "Found Your insulin"

GHA: "Got Heartburn Again"
GOML: "Get Off My Lawn!"
GGLKI: "Gotta Go, laxative Kicking In"
GGPBL: "Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low"
GGP: "Gotta Go Pee"
GTG: "Gotta Groan" or "Got the Gout"

IMHO: "Is my hearing-aid on?"

LOL: "Living On Lipitor"
LWO: "Lawrence Welk's On"

MBN: "Maalox Bring Now!"
MGAD: "My Grandson's A Doctor"

OMG: "Oy, My Grandchildren!"
OMMR: "On My Massage Recliner"

PMF: "Polident, Maalox, Fixodent"

ROTFL... CGU: "Rolling on the floor laughing, and can't get up."

SUS: "Speak Up, Sonny"

TGIF: "Thank God It's Four." (As in early bird special.)
TOT: "Texting On Toilet"
TTYL: "Talk To You Louder"

WAITT: "Who Am I Texting To?"
WIWYA: "When I Was Your Age"
WTP: "Where's The Prunes?"
WWNO: "Walker Wheels Need Oil"