Some Mnemonics to Remember Your Trig Ratios

For years, students of mathematics have recalled the trigonometric ratios by remembering the Great Chief SOHCAHTOA.

Each letter of the Chief's name represents the name of one of the trig ratios or the name of a side of a right triangle.

  • Sine of an angle = Opposite side / Hypotenuse
  • Cosine of an angle = Adjacent side / Hypotenuse
  • Tangent of an angle = Opposite side / Adjacent side
Some students who are "spelling challenged" and go around wearing tee-shirts with the message "Bad Spellers of the World UNTIE!" may prefer the following mnemonics for recalling the trig ratios:
  • Some Of Her Children Are Having Trouble Over Algebra.
  • Some Out-Houses Can Actually Have Totally Odorless Aromas.
  • She Offered Her Cat A Heaping Teaspoon Of Acid.
  • Soaring Over Haiti, Courageous Amelia Hit The Ocean And ...
  • Tom's Old Aunt
    Sat On Her
    Chair And Hollered.
    -- (from Ann Azevedo)

  • Stamp Out Homework Carefully, As Having Teachers Omit Assignments.
  • Some Old Horse Caught Another Horse Taking Oats Away.
  • Some Old Hippie Chasing Another Hippie Tripping On Apples.
  • School! Oh How Can Anyone Have Trouble Over Academics.
  • Oh Heck! Another Hour Of Algebra with Some Crazy Teacher.
  • Two      Old     Angels
    Skipped  Over    Heaven
    Carrying Ancient Harps
    Two      Old   Angels
    Skipped  Over  Heaven
    Carrying A     Harp 
  • Oscar Had A Heap Of Apples
    - you just have to remember the sine, cosine, tangent progression on your own.

  • Saddle Our Horses, Canter Away Happily, To Other Adventures.

  • Silly old Henry, caught Albert Hugging two old Aunts.

  • Some Old Hulks
    Carry A Huge
    Tub Of Ale

  • Stupid Old Hitler
    Caused Awful Headaches
    To Our Airmen

  • Some Old Hag
    Cracked All Her
    Teeth On Asparagus

  • Some Old Hairy
    Camels Are Hairier
    Than Others Are

  • Smiles Of Happiness Come After Having Tankards Of Ale!!!


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