American Invitational Mathematics Examination

     The American Invitational Mathematics Examination began

in March 1983 to "provide additional recognition and challenge 

to the best mathematics students, at most a few thousand 

of them, in the U.S.A. and Canada."  The exam is given by 

invitation only - a student must be on the Student Honor Roll

of the A.H.S.M.E. to be invited to participate.  The exam 

consists of 15 extremely difficult problems and a time limit 

of three hours.

     The A.I.M.E. is the second in the pyramid of three

mathematics examinations given by the Committee on the 

American Mathematics Competitions that lead to the 

designation of Winners of the USA Mathematical Olympiad and 

the selection of an International Mathematical Olympiad team.  

The first test is the A.H.S.M.E.  Students scoring 100 or 

more are then invited to take the A.I.M.E.  Students who do 

well on both of these examinations are then invited to 

participate in the USA Mathematics Olympiad.  Only 150 

students in the country are invited to participate in the 

U.S.A.M.O.   Six students are then selected to the USA Math

Olympiad Team.  They train in the summer for the 

International Math Olympiad.


    American Invitational Mathematics Examination 
Handley students who have been invited to take the
       Year   Name                
       ----   --------------------       
       1985   Gregory Palmer        

       1988   Jeffrey Sinclair     

       1992   Matthew Albert        
       1994   Nathan Doty           

       1995   Sarah Beavers         

       1996   Matthew Leatherman    

       1997   Matthew Leatherman 

       1998   Thad Hughes          
              Matthew Leatherman 
              Adam Kronfeld   

       2000   Jon Pence
              Nicole Haston   

       2002   Nicole Haston
              Nick von Keller    
              Chip Schweikarth  

       2003   Nick von Keller    
              Josh Feingold  
       2004   Tristan Collins     
              Patrick Wingfield   

       2005   Mike Singer  

       2006   Robert Hardy 
              William Profit     
              Erika Schmitt      
              Sonali Dayal      
              John Himelright    
              Daniel Carlton     
              Stefan DeZarn      
              Clint Schiavone    
              Michael Singer    


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