Bridgewater Mathematics Contest

     On May 8, 1976, Handley was invited to compete 
in the first annual Bridgewater College Mathematics 
Competition against Charlottesville, Turner Ashby, 
Harrisonburg, Robert E. Lee, and Broadway.  The 
contest was divided into two levels, with three
sophomores competing at level 1 and five upperclassmen 
competing at level 2.  The scores were then added 
together for the team score.

     Handley placed sixth in both level 1 and level 2
competition.  Members of Handley's Level 2 Team were 
Susan Catlett, John Sempeles, Douglas Denham, Janet 
Kean, and Timothy Painter.  Members of Handley's Level
1 Team were Ann Smart, Susan White, and Susan McKee.



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