Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics

     The Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics, 
CPAM, began recognizing students in 1992 for outstanding
mathematical achievement.  CPAM, composed of mathematics 
teachers who have received the Presidential Award for 
Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, makes these awards in 
schools where it has members. These recognitions are made 
to reward and to encourage excellence in the pursuit of
mathematical learning.  Mr. David Pleacher is the CPAM 
member at Handley High School who makes these 

        Recipients of the CPAM Award
   for Outstanding Mathematical Achievement
        at John Handley High School

      Year      Name
      ----      -----------------
      1992      Matthew Albert

      1993      Chris Morris

      1993      Michael Pleacher

      1995      Sarah Beavers
      1996      Josh Folb

      1998      Thad Hughes

      1998      Nate Zuckerman

      1998      Matthew Leatherman

      1998      Michael Leatherman  

      2002      Nicole Haston

      2002      Kirstine Wynn  

      2004      Jaime Garcia-Ramirez

      2005      Jeffrey Gaither

      2005      Michael Jacobs



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