Past performances at the
Annual Fall Mathematics Contest
at James Madison University

     The Annual Fall Mathematics Contest has been given 
at James Madison University since November 1974.  Schools 
in the Shenandoah Valley from Martinsburg to Staunton 
have been invited to participate in the contest.  As few 
as 24 schools and as many as 35 schools have participated.  
In 1985, the contest was divided into two divisions - one 
for the A schools and the other for the AA and AAA schools.  
Each team has three members who compete for individual 
honors as well as team honors.

     The level of difficulty of the questions has varied
greatly over the years.  Most recently, the contest 
consists of 21 questions divided into three groups of 
seven according to difficulty.  In the first group of 
least difficult problems, four points are given for each 
correct answer and one point is deducted for each wrong 
answer.  In the second group of more difficult questions, 
eight points are awarded for each correct answer and two 
points are deducted for each incorrect answer.  In the
third group of most difficult problems, twelve points are
given for each correct answer and three points are 
deducted for each wrong answer.  Then a constant is added 
to each contestant's score to ensure that all scores will 
be positive.


       J. M. U. Annual Fall Mathematics Contest
              Top Individual Scores

      Year   Top Individual           Rank    Score
      ----   --------------           ----    -----       
      1980   Jim Berry                 4th      292
      1981   DiFei Chuang             11th      219 
      1982   Gregory Palmer            4th      316
             DiFei Chuang              9th      300
      1983   DiFei Chuang              3rd      271
             Gregory Palmer            6th      258
      1984   Gregory Palmer            3rd      ---
      1985   Robert Lancaster          6th      261
      1986   Travis Laster             7th      255
      1987   Todd Perry               13th      ---
      1988   David Shiflet             9th      250
      1989   David Shiflet             3rd      264 
      1990   Matthew Albert            5th      247
      1991   Matt Barone              13th      242
      1992   John McKay                5th      244
      1993   Sarah Beavers            21st      186
      1994   Sarah Beavers             ---      ---
      1995   Fred Tarbox               2nd      ---
      1996   Matt Leatherman           ---      ---
      1997   Thad Hughes               ---      ---      
      1998   Thomas Jarvis            26th      ---
      1999   Tom Marino                5th      ---
      2000   Nicole Haston             7th      ---  
      2001   Nicole Haston             3rd      --- 
      2002   Josh Feingold             1st      ---     
             Nick von Keller           2nd      --- 
      2003   Josh Feingold             4th      ---
      2004   Celeste Doerwaldt         ---      ---

       J. M. U. Annual Fall Mathematics Contest
                     Team Results

     Year   Rank   Team Score  Team Members      
     ----   ----   ----------  ---------------   
     1980    6th      766      Jim Berry
                               Elizabeth Schute
                               Mark Butler

     1981    7th      586      DiFei Chuang
                               John Rice
                               Jae Barnett

     1982    4th      828      Gregory Palmer
                               DiFei Chuang
                               Mark Rice

     1983    2nd      706      DiFei Chuang
                               Gregory Palmer
                               Mark Rice

     1984    5th      663      Gregory Palmer
                               Mark Rice
                               Chris Fleet

     1985    6th      681      Rob Lancaster
                               Julie Carlisle
                               Anita Minghini

     1986    6th      650      Travis Laster
                               Mae Finley
                               Ginger Givens

     1987    7th      710      Todd Perry
                               Bert Wood
                               Bac Huynh

     1988    5th      673      David Shiflet
                               Jeff Sinclair
                               Chris Wiegand

     1989    7th      655      David Shiflet
                               DiFan Chuang
                               Chris Wiegand

     1990    4th      641      Matthew Albert
                               DiFan Chuang
                               Chris Wiegand

     1991    3rd      714      Matt Barone
                               Matthew Albert
                               Kris McQueen

     1992    2nd      691      John McKay
                               Chris Morris
                               Michael Pleacher

     1993    9th      539      Sarah Beavers
                               Duy Huang
                               Thea Shanks 

     1994    9th      599      Sarah Beavers
                               Nathan Doty
                               Julia Stahl

     1995    ---      ---      Fred Tarbox
                               Adam Kronfeld
                               Josh Folb

     1996    ---      ---      Matt Leatherman
                               Adam Kronfeld
                               Nate Zuckerman

     1997    1st      ---      Thad Hughes
                               Michael Leatherman
                               Adam Kronfeld 

     1998   12th      558      Thomas Jarvis
                               Ruaraidh Campbell 
                               Chad McDaniel     
     1999    3rd      ---      Tom Marino
                               Jon Pence
                               Ruaraidh Campbell

     2000   11th      ---      Nicole Haston
                               Nick von Keller
                               Mark Pennypacker   
     2001    2nd      ---      Nicole Haston
                               Josh Feingold
                               Travis Riggs

     2002    1st      ---      Josh Feingold
                               Nick von Keller
                               Michael Jacobs   
     2003    4th      ---      Josh Feingold
                               Michael Jacobs
                               Arin Smith 

     2004    ---      ---      Celeste Doerwaldt
                               Michael Jacobs
                               Arin Smith


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