Additions to the Math Page (3/2007 - 10/2007)

On the Puzzles page:
Over 40 holiday puzzles
Fifteen more wackie wordies (5 of them are mathematical)
Mixed up maxims
The Proverbs puzzle
TV doctors
Famous Addresses
On the Math Tricks page:
The 100 pennies trick
Telling your age by chocolate
Telling your age by dining out
Tearing a piece of paper in half
On the Problem of the Month page:
Several Problems of the Month
On the Math Humor page:
Math Riddles
Added some jokes to the existing Miscellaneous Math Jokes
Happy Face Math
Math Pictures
On the Math Poetry and Songs page:
Reorganized and added or revised 27 math poems and songs
On the Math Quotes page:
Added several math quotes to the end of this file
On the Math Facts page:
A solved problem from 1887
What I Learned this past summer (2007)
What I Learned from the Price is Right