Additions to the Math Page (07/2011 - 12/2011)

On the Mathematical Puzzles page:
Menu of Magic Squares
Calculus Wackie Wordies
Math Problem for my Mensa Friends
Number Trivia
The Fantastic formula
Trivia Magic Square
Computer Wackie Wordies
Flight of Fancy
Math Maze
Calculatrivia I
Calculatrivia II
Calculatrivia III
Calculatrivia IV
Second Guessing -- Approximating
Nines Puzzle
Pentathalon Logic Puzzle
Monster costume party Logic Puzzle

On the Math Humor Page:
Funny Math "Definitions"
Funny Graphs

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles Page:
Retyped Wackie Wordies 1 - 40
Wackie Wordies #41 - #86
Turvies #1 - #2
Droodles #1 - #3
Confused Christmas Carols
Presidential Humor
Names of Natives in Certain States
Tom Swifites
Added "I Have A Friend" puzzles
Knockout Geography Game
Made up 31 Puzzles to accompany The STORY
History's Ghosts
Burma Shave
Henny Youngman's One-Liners
Political Chat
Sporting Wackie Wordies
Value of a Dollar
Willie Nilly Songs
Musical Musings
Reel Games

On the Math Tricks Page:
The Disappearing Man

On the Math Games page:
Added an Interactive version of the Game of Max
X and O Game by Sid Sackson

On the Calculus Lesson Plans Page:
I Have ... WHo Has .. Cards -- Derivatives

On the Geometry Lesson Plans page:
Added twelve new Stereograms

On the Math Facts page:
Another example of math errors in print

On the Math Quotes Page:
Added math quotes from Cicero and Bear Bryant
added a comic,
and corrected a quote from St. Augustine

On the Math Links Page:
Added a link to Math and Logic Problems Galore

On the Problem of the Month page:
Numerous Problems of the Month