Additions to the Math Page (01/2013 - 06/2013)

On the Algebra Lesson Plans page:
Graphing the Conics
And / Or Sentences
Sequence Challenge
When is Easter? -- A Math Algorithm
Square Root Review Puzzle

On the Calculus Lesson Plans Page:
Droodle #13 -- Derivatives
Turvy #8 -- Integration

On the Math Games Page:
An analysis of Tic Tac Toe
A Mazing Game
Match Game for Review
Hang Man

On the Math Puzzles page:
Try Angles
Origami made with Dollar bills
KenKen Puzzle (Answer is found in the NOV 2013 Prob of the Month)
Added cute picture of a kitten playing with Optical Illusions
Puzzle palace #4
World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie (Logic Puzzle)
Ski Boot Sale (Logic Puzzle)
Family Pyramid (Logic Puzzle)

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
Famous Last Words ... in the Movies (Puzzle)
Famous Last Words ... in the Movies Interactive Quiz)
RACECAR -- Palindromic Autos
Eye - Cue Test
The First Published Crossword Puzzle
Country Criss-Cross
Coin Problem
The President Said What?

On the Geometry Lesson Plans page:
Film Posters Based on Geometry

On the Trig Lesson Plans Page:
Application of Polar Coordinates to Art

On the Math Humor Page:
Added several humorous math pictures

On the Statistics Lesson Plans Page:
Updated the Superbowl Winners
Updated the NCAA Basketball Tournament Winners
Updated the NCAA Division 1 Football Champions

On the Math Facts Page:
When Is Easter? -- A Math Algorithm
The Number Three

On the Problem of the Month page:
Numerous Problems of the Month