Additions to the Math Page (07/2013 - 12/2013)

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
College Logos and Nicknames (Puzzle)
Card Trick (Mindreading!)
State Capitals Quiz
State Capitals and Interstates
State Capitals Trip
One, Two, THREE
Wackie Wordies #89
Wackie Wordies #90
Wackie Wordies #91
Palindromic Cross Number Puzzle
Palindromic Magic
Famous Tigers
Playful Lyrics

On the Math Puzzles page:
Calculus Wacky Wordies
Graph Theory and the Konigsberg Bridge Problem
Whit McMahan's Balance Quest Puzzles
Trivia Magic Square
Continental Divide Cryptogram
Added 9 more Cross Math Puzzles (#33 - #41)
Poker Squares
Cross Sums
Do These Numbers Ring A Bell?
Anagrams -- Who Can it Be?
Wheel of Math

On the Holiday Puzzles Page:
Updated "When is Easter?" through the year 2039

On the Statistics Lesson Plans Page:
Added Marilyn vos Savant's column regarding the Birthday Problem
The Birthday Problem Revisited
Updated Poker Probabilities with Royal Flush
A Baseball Paradox
Mean, Median, and Mode
Set of Simplified Playing Cards

On the Math Humor Page:
Completely Reorganized the Math Humor Page (by Topics)
Drinking and Math
Added another method of proof to "43 Methods of Mathematical Proof"
Carnac the Magnificent
Math Puns
Old Math Teachers Never Die, ...
Show Me's
Added humorous math pictures
Math Tee Shirts
Added humorous math graphs
A Good Math Teacher ...

On the Calculus Lesson Plans Page:
Added a proof to "Do Dogs Know Calculus?"
Correction: McDonald's Arches are Not Parabolas
Turvy #11 for Limits & Continuity
Added answer key to FIND THE BINGO for Derivatives

On the Algebra Lesson Plans page:
Solving linear equations (Square Cut-Ups)
Turvy #12 -- Applications of Conics
Solving Direct-Variation Problems
Point Plotting and Slope Game
Droodle #15 with Ellipses
Ellipses (Cut Outs)
Solving Proportions
Fixed the problems with Otis
Fixed the problems with Eunice
Graphing equations (Picture)
Graphing linear equations (Picture)

On the Geometry Lesson Plans page:
Turvy #10 -- Angles in Circles
Droodle #14 -- Angles in Circles
Inscribing A Pentagon
Graphing Linear Equations
Hidden Message for Cylinders, Pyramids, & Cones
Maze for Prisms
Area and Perimeter
Point Plotting and Slope Game
Applications of Trigonometry
A Geometric Heart

On the Math Poetry Page:
Poem about the Decimal Point
Poem about 2 plus 2
Poem about Programming
Poem about the Calculator
Poem about Zero
Poem about Q.E.D.
Poem about Geometry
Poem about Arithmetic
Poem about the Metric System
Poem about Napier's Bones
Algebra Limerick
Another Algebra Limerick
Poem about Mobius Strip

On the Math Tricks Page:
Invisible Dice
Mathematical Card Trick
The $3.41 Challenge -- A Bar Bet
How Smart Is Your Right Foot?

On the Trigonometry Lesson Plans page:
Applications of Trigonometry
Still More Applications of Trigonometry

On the Math Facts Page:
Unsolved Problems of Mathematics
Poker Hand Probabilities
The Prisoner's Dilemma

On the Math Games Page:
Point Plotting and Slope Game
Tic-Tac-Toe in Polar Coordinates

On the Math Links Page:
Added a link to Justin Zablocki's Math Riddles
Added a link to Whit McMahan's Balance Quest Puzzles

On the Problem of the Month page:
Numerous Problems of the Month
List of the Cities of the Problem Solvers