Additions to the Math Page (01/2015 - 06/2015)

On the Interactive Puzzles and Games page:
Biorhythms and Famous Birthdays Program
Famous Birthdays Program
Biorhythms Program

On the Mathematical Puzzles page:
Are You A Genius?
Added another Brain Teaser
The New Year Challenge (with solutions to 22 previous years!)
Worksheet for The New Year Challenge
What's A Name In?
The Mathematics behind the game of SPOT IT!
Corrected a clue in the logic puzzle (City County Track Meet)
Four 4s Puzzle (Answers from 0 to 100)
The Definitive Solution to the Four 4s Puzzle (0 to 40000)
Optical illusion "The Architect"
Optical Illusion "Reverse Opposite"
Added an explanation to #20 on the MENSA Test #2
Corrected the answer to #46 on the Brain Teasers page

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
I Have A Friend #30
Added another way to remember the number of books in the Bible
Presidents Quiz #1 (Interactive)
Presidents Quiz #2 (Interactive)
Wackie Wordies #95
Wackie Wordies #96 (Valentine's Day)
Season's Greetings (A Christmas Puzzle)
Hidden NFL Team Nicknames
College Nicknames -- Matching Puzzle (107 colleges)
So, You think you know your College Team Nicknames? (Animal Nicknames -- Part 1)
So, You think you know your College Team Nicknames? (Animal Nicknames -- Part 2)
So, You think you know your College Team Nicknames? (Professions and and Historical & Mythical Figures)
So, You think you know your College Team Nicknames? (Miscellaneous)
Baseball Puzzles from Erich's Puzzle Palace
Answer Key to Christmas Crossword Puzzle
Famous Speeches in American History puzzle
Added a couple more cars to What Would Jesus Drive? puzzle
Added a printable list of the Books of the Bible (for use with Bible puzzles)

On the Math Humor page:
Added pictures on the Miscellaneous Pictures page
Added pictures on the Math Tee Shirts page
Added a joke to the trig humor page

On the Calculus Lesson Plans page:
Added pictures of my students' Hexaflexagons
Added a link to the 2002 - 2015 Free Response Questions on the A.P. Exam
Corrected the answer key (#24) to the 1998 AP M/C AB Exam
Deleted problem #27 on Similar 2003 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Non calculator)
Corrected problem #6 on Turvy #3 with Applications of the Integral
Corrected an answer on the Turvy #8 for Integration Puzzle

On the Algebra Lesson Plans page:
Systems of Equations & Historical Dates

On the Trig Lesson Plans page:
Biorhythms and Famous Birthdays program
Answer Key to the Trig Identities Magic Square

On the Statistics Lesson Plans page:
Updated the list of NCAA Basketball Tournament Champions
Updated the list of NCAA Football National Champions
Updated the list of Super Bowl Champions
Compiled a list of World Series Champions
Statistics solves the Toilet Seat Question
The Mathematics behind the game of SPOT IT!
Central Limit Theorem application

On the Math Facts page:
Added the largest prime number to the list of Mersenne Primes

On the Math Tricks page:
Added an explanation of the Card Trick with 2 piles of 5 cards
Added an explanation to the Multiplication Trick from GAMES Magazine
Birthday Trick

On the Math Videos Page:
Calculus Rhapsody (mp4)
Can Dogs Do Calculus? (mp4)
Can Dogs Do Calculus? -- version 2 (mp4)
Calculus in 20 Minutes -- Full Video (mp4)
Infinite Series -- Vi Hart (mp4)
Stand and Deliver -- What is Calculus? (mp4)
Integration (mp4)
Differentials Attract -- Math Girl (mp4))
Calculus -- I Will Derive (mp4) Professor Elvis Zap's calculus rap (mp4)

Derivatives of Trig Functions rap (mp4)
The Derivative Song -- Tom Lehrer (mp4)
Solving Trig Equations (mp4)
The Scarecrow and Pythagorean Theorem (mp4)
Darth Vader and the Pythagorean Theorem (mp4)
Reductio Ad Absurdum -- Big Bang Theory (mp4)
Direct TV Ads -- "Proofs" (mp4)
Mobius Strip (mp4)

Mobius Strips and Candy Eating -- Vi Hart (mp4)
Lobachevsky -- Tom Lehrer (mp4)
Geometry Surveying (mp4)
The Hyperbolic Geometry Song (mp4)
Pac Man Illusion (mp4)

Mathmaticious (mp4)
Crazy Nuts Illusion (mp4) Crazy Cube Illusion (mp4)
3D Paper Design (mp4)
Fibonacci Numbers -- The Fingerprint of God (mp4) Illusion -- Face of Christ by Joe Castillo (mp4)
Math Doodling -- Fractals -- Vi Hart (mp4) Top Ten Algebra Mistakes (mp4)
Incorrect Equations -- Big Bang Theory (mp4)
Rate Time Distance Problems (mp4)
Math Doodling -- Factoring and Stars -- Vi Hart (mp4) Divide 7 into 28 -- Abbott & Costello -- Landlord (mp4)
Multiply and Divide -- Ma and Pa Kettle (mp4)

Adding and Subtracting -- Archie Bunker (mp4)
Math Magic -- Squaring Large Numbers (mp4)
Decimals -- Tom Lehrer - The Frost Report (mp4)
That's Mathematics -- Tom Lehrer (mp4)
New Math -- Tom Lehrer (mp4)
Pi Song (mp4)
White N Nerdy -- Weird Al Yankovich (mp4)

Hexaflexagons -- Vi Hart (mp4)
Hexaflexagons Part 2-- Vi Hart (mp4)
Hexaflexa-Mexagons -- Vi Hart (mp4)
Hexaflexagon Safety -- Vi Hart (mp4)

On the Math Quotes Page:
Added numerous computer quotes

On the Meet Mr. P Page:
Updated my playlist of Songs in Commercials

On the Problem of the Month page:
Numerous Problems of the Month
Updated the list of Cities of the Problem Solvers