Additions to the Math Page (01/2016 - 06/2016)

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
How Many Tigers?
Added an optical illusion
Married or Not? (A logic problem)
Added I Have A Friend #34
Added I Have A Friend #35
Added I Have A Friend #36
Monkey Business
Christmas Present Puzzle
Christmas Tree Puzzle #1
Christmas Tree Puzzle #2
Christmas Tree Puzzle #3
Christmas Tree Puzzle #4
Christmas Tree Puzzle #5
Christmas Tree Puzzle #6
The Pleacher Family Christmas logic puzzle
Santa Coloring Puzzle (Multiplication Facts)
Printer Version of HO HO HO Puzzle
Printer Version of Reindeer Puzzle
Printer Version of Holiday Algebra
Printer Version of Candy Canes and Ornaments Puzzle
Sierpinski's Christmas Tree

On the Mathematical Puzzles page:
Sporting Companions -- Logic Problem
Rec center Schedule -- Logic Problem
The New Year Challenge -- 2016
Menu of 6 Math Art Puzzles
Futoshiki -- Logic Puzzle
Added explanations to 2 of the answers in MENSA TEST #2

On the Math Humor page:
Added a math joke
Added 2 pictures to Miscellaneous Math Pictures
Added more math tee shirts
Added my mathematical socks to the Tee Shirt Page

On the Mathematical Quotes page:
Added 25 math quotes

On the Mathematical Games page:

On the Mathematical Tricks page:
Added an explanation of the 99 Trick

On the Geometry Puzzles page:
Perfect Squared Square Puzzle

On the Statistics Lesson Plans page:
Updated the list of NCAA Basketball Champions
Updated the list of Super Bowl Champions (DENVER BRONCOS)
Updated the list of National Champions in College Football

On the Algebra Lesson Plans page:
Added a Printer version for the Transitive Puzzle
Added the Answer Key for the Transitive Puzzle

On the Geometry Lesson Plans page:
Formula for the Perfectly Sized Pizza
Corrected an error on the Pythagorean triples with the same area

On the Calculus Lesson Plans page:
Made a correction to the SUDOKU puzzle on Limits and Derivatives
Made a correction on the Farside Droodle
Made a correction on the Review of Limits puzzle
Added the solutions to the 1997 Calculus AB M/C Exam

On the Math Facts Page:
The Most Efficient Way to Visit All 48 Contiguous States
Center of the Bible (mathematically)
Added a picture of a square pie to the PI DAY cakes and Pies
Mathematical Formula for Building a Snowman
Fermat's Last Theorem

On the Math Videos Page:
Mathematical Present Wrapping (mp4)

On the Meet Mr. P Page:
Added the song Believe in Life and Death Playlist
Added several songs to the Commercials Playlist

On the Problem of the Month page:
Map of the U.S. showing states where the Problem Solvers Live
Map of the World showing countries where the Problem Solvers Live
Cities in which the Problem Solvers Live
Numerous Problems of the Month