Additions to the Math Page (10/2008 - 12/2008)

On the Mathematical Puzzles page:
Menu of Logic Puzzles
Menu of SUDOKU Puzzles
Menu of Right Angle Puzzles
Menu of Math Aptitude Puzzles
Menu of Matchbox Puzzles
Menu of Equation Analysis Puzzles
Menu of Diamond Puzzles (Like Minesweeper)
Menu of Crossing Puzzles
Menu of Cryptarithms (50 of them)
On the Calculus Lesson Plans page:
Menu of Mini Exams and A.P. Review
SUDOKU Puzzle -- Precalculus Review (Mini Exam 1)
SUDOKU Puzzle -- Limits and Derivatives (Mini Exam 2)
SUDOKU Puzzle -- Logs, Exp., Applications, Integration (Mini Exam 3)
SUDOKU Puzzle -- A.P. Exam Review (M/C Part A)
SUDOKU Puzzle -- A.P. Exam Review (M/C Part B)
On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
Added another I Have A Friend... puzzle (#9)
On the Problem of the Month page:
Several Problems of the Month