Additions to the Math Page (04/2009 - 12/2009)

On the Math Tricks page:
Card Trick by Howard Adams

On the Math Videos page:
Video Clip about Scarecrow and Pythagorean Theorem
Video Clip about Darth Vader and Pythagorean Theorem

On the Math Links page:
Updated various links to math pages

On the Calculus Lesson Plans page:
Added comic to the Cat food work sheet

On the Statistics Lesson Plans page:
Added answer sheet to Blood Types Worksheet (Probability)

On the Mathematical Facts page:
Largest Prime Number Discovered

On the Mathematical Humor page:
Updated Funny Math Pictures
Updated Miscellaneous Math Jokes

On the Mathematical Puzzles page:
Equations Analysis Test #4
Sudomino Puzzle (sudoku and dominoes)

On the Mathematical Poetry page:
The Hyperbolic Pledge of Allegiance

On the Geometry Lesson Plans page:
Added a video to "Did the Scarecrow Really Get a Brain?"
Snowflake Puzzle (Count the Triangles)
Revised the Hidden Meanings Puzzle

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
Updated the cost of the gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas
Special Teams (NFL)
Word Ladders
Menu of 12 Mazes
Three Word Movie Titles
Musical Match Boxes
Proverbs Puzzle #2
Proverbs Puzzle #3
Proverbs Puzzle #4
Dueling Proverbs #1
Dueling Proverbs #2
Locker Room Maxims
Right Angles with Books of the Bible
Right Angles with the New Testament
Right Angles with the Old Testament
Right Angles #11
Right Angles #10 -- Geography
Right Angles #9
Right Angles #8
On the Problem of the Month page:
Several Problems of the Month