Additions to the Math Page (07/2010 - 12/2010)

On the Calculus Lesson Plans Page:
Calculus Scrabble -- Vocabulary and Review Problems

On the Math Quotes Page:
Added thirteen humorous quotes (#223, #307, and others)

On the Algebra Lesson Plans Page:
Heat Index -- An Example of Matrix Multiplication

On the Math Humor Page:
Added a picture to the Math Pictures
Added a comic to the Math Pickup Lines

On the Math Poetry Page:
Added the St. Ives Nursery Rhyme

On the Math Tricks Page:
Added an explanation of the 1089 trick
Role Model Trick

On the Math Puzzles Page:
Added 10 new Optical Illusions

On the Math Facts Page:
Added Euclid's Method of generating perfect numbers
Things I Learned Last Summer -- 2010
Added three quotes to the Math Errors Page

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles Page:
Sports Scrabble
I Have A Friend #20 (Patterns)
Vanity License Plates
Wackie Wordies #31
Wackie Wordies #32
Musicians and Their Bands Part 1
Musicians and Their Bands Part 2
Uniting the States
Biblical Arithmetic

On the Math Links Page:
Added a link to Vi Hart's Recreational Math Page

On the Math Videos Page:
Graph Theory by Vi Hart
Exponential Functions by Vi Hart
Factoring by Vi Hart
Infinite Series by Vi Hart
Primes and Pascal's Triangle by Vi Hart
Mobius Strip by Vi Hart

On the Holiday Puzzles Page:
Love Songs Puzzle for Valentine's Day

On the Problem of the Month page:
Several Problems of the Month