Each phrase below is a clue to a well-known U.S. city. The initial letters of the words in the
clue are also the initials of the answer, which consists of the name of the city and its state.

For example, "Reverses Nuptials" would lead to the answer Reno, Nevada, while "Noisily Opens Lent" would
yield New Orleans, Louisiana. How many of the following can you get?

1. Designs Motorcars

2. Lethal Atmospheric Conditions

3. Blizzards Nearly Yearly

4. College Mecca

5. Capone Influenced

6. Ship Dock City

7. Penny Production

8. Academic Midshipmen

9. Skiing Vacation

10. Lucky Vacationers ... Not!

11. Parade Capital

12. Where Dick Cheated

13. Supersonics' Workplace

14. Noisy Yellers Celebrate New Year

15. April Golf