The special twist of RightAngles is the way in which words are entered in the puzzle grid.
Each word makes one right angle turn somewhere along its length.
But it is your task to determine where each word makes this turn and in which direction.

As a guide, the starting direction of each answer word (i.e., the direction of the word before the right-angle turn) is indicated by the letter given after the clue number.   Words can go north, south, east, or west to start with.   Of additional help is the fact that each letter in the correctly completed grid appears in exactly two words, no more, no less.

In the puzzle below, only the definitions of the answer words have been given.
The number of letters in answer words is given in parentheses.

1S Indian or Monument in Arizona (6)
2S Where Gadsden is (7)
3E Rectangular state (8)
3W Famous cape (9)
4W Town between Medicine Hat and Regina (5, 3)
4N _____ Park, Edison's home (5)
5S Calendar units: Abbr. (3)
6S Miami's Bay (8)
7N German River in wine area (5)
8N French River in wine area (5)
9E ___ Jima (3)
10E ____ Smith, economist (4)
10S ____ Seton, author (4)
11E California wine county (6)
12W Irish county (5)
13E Himalayan country (5)
14N Mount in California with observatory (7)