The 50 two-letter abbreviations of U.S. states can be "united" in combinations that form common words suggested by the following list of definitions.   As a solving aid the answers are arranged in alphabetical order.   All answers have six letters (using three abbreviations), except for those marked with an asterisk, which have eight letters.   A state may appear more than once in an answer, and answers include proper names and/or two-word phrases.

Here is a list of the two-letter abbreviations of the 50 states:
AL   AK   AZ   AR   CA   CO   CT   DE   FL   GA   HI   ID   IL   IN   IA   KS   KY   LA  
ME   MD   MA   MI   MN   MS   MO   MT   NE   NV   NH   NJ   NM   NY   NC   ND  
OH   OK   OR   PA   RI   SC   SD   TN   TX   UT   VT   VA   WA   WV   WI   WY

__________     1. marizipan nut
__________     2. amusement center
__________     3. mysterious

__________   *4. zinc oxide lotion
__________     5. honesty
__________   *6. anthracite source

__________   *7. soft drink (hyphenated)
__________   *8. supersonic craft
__________     9. bird of prey

__________     10. break a cipher
__________     11. ridicule
__________     12. abloom

__________     13. lacking coastlines
__________   *14. shrine
__________   *15. psychological ploy

__________     16. bee's quaff
__________     17. Anderson of Baywatch
__________     18. French Mathematician