Determine the name of the New Testament person for each of the clues below.

Then write the name in the 10 x 10 matrix using the following rules:
(1) Each word makes one right angle turn somewhere along its length.
          But it is your task to determine where each word makes this turn and in which direction.
(2) As a guide, the starting direction of each answer word (i.e., the direction of the word before
          the right-angle turn) is indicated by the letter given after the clue number.   Words
          can go north, south, east, or west to start with.
(3) Of additional help is the fact that each letter in the correctly completed grid appears in exactly
          one word.



1W     She was the sister of Mary and the brother of Lazarus.

2S     He persecuted the church until Jesus dramatically appeared to him.
          He wrote much of the New Testament.

3W     He was the Roman governor who sentenced Jesus to death.

4E     He was a King when Jesus was born.   He gave the orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its
          vicinity who were two years old or younger.

5S     He was one of the twelve disciples.
          He said, "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands Ö, I will not believe."

6S     He was one of the lesser known apostles, but he and Peter were the only ones whose names
          started with the letter P.

7E     He and his brother John were known as the Sons of Zebedee.

8E     He was Jesusí adoptive father.

9W     He was the prophet who prepared the Jews for Jesusí ministry.
          He baptized people in the Jordan River.

10S     He was one of the 12 disciples.   He denied knowing Jesus three times during Jesusí trial.

11N     He was a friend of Jesus.   He died but Jesus raised him back to life after four days.

12N     He was the promised Messiah and the Son of God.

13S     He was one of Paulís missionary partners and accompanied Paul on his first missionary journey.

14W     He was the first Christian martyr.   He was stoned to death by the Jewish authorities.

15N     He was the disciple who betrayed Jesus.

16N     She was the mother of Jesus.

17N     He was one of the lesser known of the twelve Apostles, but he had the longest name.