1.     Why was Moses the most wicked man?       (Exodus 32: 15 — 19)
2.     Who spoke when he was just a baby?
3.     What animal could Noah not trust?
4.     How long was Noah in the belly of the whale?
5.     What kind of lights did Noah use on the ark?

6.     How many animals did Noah bring into the empty ark?
7.     What character was the most ambitious man?
8.     Who was the greatest actor in the Bible?       Judges 16: 27 — 30)
9.     Which book in the Old Testament is a math book?
10.     What Bible character may have only been a foot tall?       (John 3: 1)

11.     What did God say when Noah told him that he wanted to build the ark out of bricks?
12.     What book of the Bible mentions a baseball player who hit 10 home runs?
13.     What book of the Bible mentions a lousy baseball player?      
14.     What book mentions a bad pitcher in baseball?      
15.     Where is baseball first mentioned in the Bible?      

16.     Where is the second mention of baseball?      
17.     Where is the third mention of baseball?    
18.     Who was the fastest runner in the Bible?
19.     Where was Solomon's temple?
20.     Who rang the first bell?

21.     For how long did Cain hate his brother?
22.     Who was the most successful doctor in the Bible?
23.     Why was a woman in the Old Testament turned into a pillar of salt?
24.     What do you have that Cain and Abel never had?
25.     Where did the Israelites keep their money?

26.     How do we know that Cain took a nap after he killed Abel?
27.     How do we know God had a sense of humor?
28.     Why didn't Jonah trust the ocean?
29.     What was the rudest animal on the ark?
30.     Who killed a fourth of the people in the world?

31.     What was Eve's formal name?
32.     What was Adam and Eve's phone number?
33.     What is the first medicine mentioned in the Bible?
34.     Why was Moses buried in the land of Moab?
35.     Did Noah have a pig in the ark?