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Calculus Videos

Calculus Rhapsody

Can Dogs Do Calculus?

Calculus in 20 Minutes

Infinite Series — Vi Hart


What is Calculus?   (Stand and Deliver)

Differentials Attract — Math Girl

Calculus — I Will Derive

Professor Elvis Zap's calculus rap

Derivatives of Trig Functions rap

The Derivative Song — Tom Lehrer


Trigonometry Videos

Solving Trig Equations


Geometry and Logic Videos

The Scarecrow and Pythagorean Theorem

Darth Vader and the Pythagorean Theorem

Reductio Ad Absurdum — Big Bang Theory

Direct TV Ads — "Proofs"

Mobius Strip

Mobius Strips and Candy Eating — Vi Hart

Lobachevsky — Tom Lehrer

Geometry Surveying

The Hyperbolic Geometry Song

Pac Man Illusion


Crazy Nuts Illusion

Crazy Cube Illusion

3D Paper Design

Fibonacci Numbers — The Fingerprint of God

Illusion — Face of Christ by Joe Castillo

Rectangle Trick

Math Doodling — Fractals — Vi Hart


Algebra Videos

Top Ten Algebra Mistakes

Incorrect Equations — Big Bang Theory

Rate Time Distance Problems

Jimmy Fallon / Rate Time Distance Problem

Mathematical Present Wrapping

Math Doodling — Factoring and Stars — Vi Hart


Arithmetic Videos

Divide 7 into 28 — Abbott & Costello — Landlord

Multiply and Divide — Ma and Pa Kettle

Adding and Subtracting — Archie Bunker

Math Magic — Squaring Large Numbers

Decimals — Tom Lehrer - The Frost Report


Miscellaneous Math Videos

Why You Need Math by Neil deGrasse Tyson

That's Mathematics — Tom Lehrer

New Math — Tom Lehrer

Pi Song

White N Nerdy — Weird Al Yankovich

The Fold and Cut Theorem — Katie Steckles

Hexaflexagons — Vi Hart

Hexaflexagons Part 2 — Vi Hart

Hexaflexa-Mexagons — Vi Hart

Hexaflexagon Safety — Vi Hart