B.A. in Mathematics from Hartwick College, 1968
      M.S. in Ed. in Mathematics from James Madison University, 1971

Positions Held:

      Mathematics Teaching Fellow, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY, 1966 - 1967

      Mathematics Teacher, Washington & Lee High School, Arlington County, VA, 1968

      Mathematics Teacher, Herndon High School, Fairfax County, VA, 1968 - 1973

      Mathematics Teacher, John Handley High School, Winchester, VA, 1973 - 2006

      Math Department Chairman, John Handley High School, Winchester,VA, 1983 - 1995

      Adjunct Instructor, Lord Fairfax Community College, Middletown, VA, 1984 - 2006

      Adjunct Instructor, James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA, 1986 - 1987

      V.C.T.M. Executive Board Member, 1982 - 1984 (Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

      Co-editor of Computer Shorts column in the Virginia Mathematics Teacher, 1983 - 1985

Honors Received:

      Recipient of Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching from President Ronald Reagan,
      October 22-25, 1985     (Article in Education Week)

      Recipient of William C. Lowry Outstanding Mathematics Teacher Award from V.C.T.M., March 28, 1987

      Recipient of Tandy Technology Scholars Award (National Finalist), February 27, 1992
      (Photo on page 44 of the March 30, 1992 issue of Time magazine)   and
      (Photo on page 124 of the April 20, 1992 issue of Fortune magazine)

      Selected to participate in the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Math Institute
      at Princeton University, July 6 - August 1, 1986

      Listed in various Who's Who publications, 1994 - 2007

      Recipient of the Winchester Rotary Club Teacher of Influence Award, May 19, 2005

      Recipient of Homer "Pete" Ice Faculty Service Award from the Handley High Athletic Department,
      May 16,1991

      Voted Teacher of the Year at Handley High School, 1977

      Yearbook Dedication by the Class of '78 of John Handley High School, June 1978

      Recognized as an Outstanding Educator by the Governor's School for Math, Science, & Technology
      at Lynchburg College, 1997 and 1999

      Participant in Math Task Force - Fund for Excellence Curriculum Project at University of Virginia,
      June 21, 1984

      Computer Software Development Project for the Virginia Department of Education, 1985 - 1990

      Certificate of Recognition as Outstanding High School Educator from Frostburg State University,
      April 21, 1991

      Speaker at nineteen N.C.T.M. Regional Conferences, V.C.T.M. Conferences, State Math Conferences,
      and local math conferences, 1982 - 1993
      Named as a 2017 recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, July 2017


VEA Math O Gram:

        Decode the Message (Dec 1976)
        Equivalence of Percents, Fractions, and Decimals (Dec 1976)
        Equation Scramble (Apr 1983)
        3D Word Search (Apr 1983)
        Review of Addition Facts (Sep 1983)
        A Trip Around Virginia (Feb 1984)
        Line Plots (May 1986)
        Zip codes (Mar 1987)
        Laker Salaries (Mar 1987)
        Find the Bingo (Mar 1987)

Virginia Mathematics Teacher:

        Follow the Flowchart (Feb 1981)
        Droodle for Review of Area (May 1981)
        The Right Angle (May 1981)
        Simplify Christmas message (Fall 1981)
        Train Message (Fall 1981)
        Square Root Review (Winter 1982)
        Hangman (Spring 1982)
And/Or Sentences (Winter 1983)
        Hidden Meaning (Spring 1983)
        Use Some Games in Your Classroom (Winter 1986)
        Class, Take Your Seats! (Winter 1991)
        A Droodle for Integration Techniques (Fall 1991)

Mathematics Teacher:

        Practice with 1981 (Feb 1981)
        Additional Solutions to May 1989 Calendar (Dec 1989)
        Activities to Introduce Maxima Minima Problems (May 1991)
        Average Rate of Change (Sep 1992)

V2CTM Reflection:

        A Summer Program in Computer Science (Mar 1981)
        The Fantastic Formula (Oct 1981)
        Review of Limits (May 1983)
        Droodle Review Sheet (Apr 1984)
        BASIC Programming Puzzle (Nov 1984)
        Math Scrabble (Oct 1985)
        Tangrams to Review Calculus (Spring 1986)
        Introducing Ratio and Proportion (Nov 1986)
        Name this Turvy (Mar 1988)
        Equations Analysis Test (Oct 1988)


        TRS-80 Solitaire scoring (Oct 1982)
        High School adventure program (Aug 1983) -- also published as Adventure of the Month

Virginia Journal of Education:

        What Can this Map do? (Nov 1984)

Computer Shorts monograph (1983)

        co-author, published by V.C.T.M.

80 Micro:

        Net Results computer program (basketball stats) (Dec 1985)

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching:

        Some Magic for your Micro (Summer 1985)

JCTM Newsletter:

        Equations Analysis Test (Mar 1988)
        Calculus Droodle Review (Nov 1988)


        Basketball Stats Program (Feb 1990)

Midwest Software:

        Volleyball Statistics computer program (Fall 1991)

Parade Magazine:

        Ask Marilyn column (Nov 23, 1997)

Games Magazine:

        Locker Room Maxims (May 2010)
        Musicians and Their Bands (March 2011)
        Solved Coin-Op Puzzler (November 2013, page 2)
        Famous Tigers (September 2014)

Recreational and Educational Computing:

        LAP computer game (Apr 1998)
        NIM computer game (Apr 1998)
        NCAA Basketball Tournament Program (Apr 1999)
        Biorhythms Program (Apr 1999)

The Colorado Mathematics Teacher:

        The Right Angle Calculus Puzzle (Winter 2005)
        Mathematical Tom Swifties (Spring 2006)

Calculus 9th Edition by Thomas/Finney (Addison Wesley)

        Problem #51 on page 332 -- Average Value of a Function