Take a trip around Colorado using the 30 clues below.   It is a test to see how well you have read Encompass Magazine (The online issue is provided in parentheses as a hint).   However, AAA has taken down those issues, so you will get an error if you click on the link. Sorry!   Write down the name of the city and the corresponding mileage in the appropriate blanks.   Then answer the questions at the end.

You can use only the towns, the paths, and the distances indicated on the map below.   Find the town nearest to the activity described.   If there is not a line connecting one town to another, then use the shortest distance: for example, if you are going from Lamar to Trinidad, you must go through La Junta, and you would record the total mileage of 56 + 81 = 137 miles.

1.   Begin at the Mile High City which was named for a former governor of the
      Kansas Territory (May/Jun 2012)
__________ 0
2.   Visit the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in this city (Mar/Apr 2012) __________ __________
3.   Take the Royal Gorge Route train in this town (Sep/Oct 2011) __________ __________
4.   Visit Blue Mesa Reservoir on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway just west of this town
      (Sep/Oct 2010)
__________ __________
5.   Go see the columbine at Kebler Pass just west of this town (Columbine Adventure #6
      in May/Jun 2012)
__________ __________
6.   Look for twisted juniper tree in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park between
      Montrose and this town ( May/Jun 2012 and Jul/Aug 2011)
__________ __________
7.   See the migrating sand hill cranes in this town (Mar/Apr 2012) __________ __________
8.   Catch a train on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in this town
      (May/Jun 2011)
__________ __________
9.   Drive to the Visitor Center at Mesa Verde National Park, located off U.S. 160
      between Durango and this other southwestern Colorado city (Mar/Apr 2011)
__________ __________
10.   Visit Wilson Peak and Mount Wilson, two of Colorado's 14ers and located in the
        San Juan Mountains outside this city (May/Jun 2012)
__________ __________
11.   Take a hike up Sand Canyon, west of this city (Jul/Aug 2011) __________ __________
12.   Visit the mountain town which bears the name of this Ute Indian Chief (May/Jun 2012) __________ __________
13.   Travel to see the arches in Rattlesnake Canyon, west of this city (Jul/Aug 2011) __________ __________
14.   Head to Colorado National Monument for fantastic scenery and enter by the west
        entrance in this town (Mar/Apr 2011)
__________ __________
15.   Take a hike to Crater Lake at the base of the Maroon Bells near this mountain town
        (Jul/Aug 2011)
__________ __________
16.   Catch a train on the Leadville, Colorado, & Southern Railroad which originates in
        this city - the highest incorporated city in North America (May/Jun 2011)
__________ __________
17.   Visit Buffalo Bill's grave in this city just west of Denver (May/Jun 2012) __________ __________
18.   Take a hike in Boulder Mountain Park in this city (Jul/Aug 2011) __________ __________
19.   Visit Bear Lake Nature Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park near this town
        (Jul/Aug 2011)
__________ __________
20.   Eat the Kobe "Kottratter" Burger at Ragnar's in this ski town (Nov/Dec 2011) __________ __________
21.   Travel to the corner of Drake and Lemay in this city where the citizens stop traffic
        to help the ducks cross the street (see "The Day Traffic Stopped" in Jul/Aug 2011).
        This city is also home to Colorado State University
__________ __________
22.   Visit Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park near this town (Mar/Apr 2012) __________ __________
23.   Eat at The Rib House in this Northern Colorado city just off I-25 (May/Jun 2011) __________ __________
24.   Visit the History Colorado Center in this city (Mar/Apr 2012) __________ __________
25.   See the big cats at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in this town (Sep/Oct 2011) __________ __________
26.   Visit this farm town in northeastern Colorado that was named for French-Canadian
        Jules Beni (May/Jun 2012)
__________ __________
27.   Visit the Old Town Museum in this eastern Colorado city (May/Jun 2011) __________ __________
28.   Go to Bent's Old Fort in this town (May/Jun 2012) __________ __________
29.   Take a Bat Walk in the Garden of the Gods in this city (May/Jun 2012) __________ __________
30.   Enjoy afternoon tea at the Brown palace located in this city (Jan/Feb 2012) __________ __________

I.   What is the total mileage for this trip? __________________________

II.   If you averaged 50 mph over the entire trip, how long would it take you to drive? _________

III.   If your car gets 28 miles to the gallon,
        how many gallons of gasoline would you need for the trip? ___________
        At $3.60 per gallon, how much would the trip cost you? __________

IV.   If your car gets 51 miles to the gallon,
        how many gallons of gasoline would you need for the trip? ___________
        At $3.60 per gallon, how much would the trip cost you? __________

V.   How much more would the trip cost you if you averaged 70 mph instead of 50 mph?
        Use 28 mpg and $3.60 per gallon and use AAA President Tony DeNovellis' rule of
        thumb found in the May/Jun 2012 issue of Encompass Magazine. __________