Mathematical Facts

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321


Facts about Numbers:
Largest Prime Number
Facts About the Number e
Facts About the Number Pi
Table of Measures -- Areas
Table of Measures -- Lengths
Table of Measures -- Volumes
Perfect Numbers
Amicable Numbers
Notations for Numbers (prefixes)
Fraction to Decimal
Numeric Terms with Special Meanings in Other Fields


Facts about Algebra:
Basic Algebra Properties
Product of Consecutive Integers Plus One
Laws of Exponents and Logarithms
Laws of Exponents and Logarithms (in Spanish)
Polynomials (in Spanish)
Conics -- Formulas
Conic Sections (in Spanish)
Formulas for Analytic Geometry


Facts about Geometry:
The Platonic Solids
Areas and Volumes
Areas and Volumes (in Spanish)
Facts about Circles
Circle Facts (in Spanish)


Facts about Trigonometry:
SOHCAHTOA - Some Mnemonics for the trig ratios
List of Trigonometric Identities
Basic Trig Identities
Hyperbolic Trigonometric Definitions
Trig Tables


Facts about Calculus:
List of Derivative Formulas
List of Derivative Formulas
Another List of Derivatives
More Derivative Formulas
Information on Volumes of Solids of Revolution
Integration by Parts Trick (Jaime Escalante)
Summary of Integration Techniques
Integral Formulas
Properties of Integrals
Formulas for Analytic Geometry
Formulas for Rotation and Translation of Axes


Miscellaneous Facts:
10 Commandments for Math Teachers (Polya)
Mathematical Symbols
Math Errors in Print (Math UNfacts)
Compound Interest
Things I Learned Last Summer - 2004
Things I Learned Last Summer - 2004 (about 1904)
Things I Learned Last Summer - 2003
Things I Learned While Reading Last Summer - 1998
Things I Learned While Reading Last Summer - 1997
Things I Learned While Reading Last Summer - 1996
Computer Fact: SPAM and Monty Python
Fermat's Last Theorem and Hollywood
Epitaph on Diophantus' Tombstone
Mathematical Facts about Santa Claus


Prime Curios!

History of Math

Dave's Math Tables (David Manura)

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