Additions to the Math Page (01/2018 - 06/2018)

On the entire Math page:
Rewrote many of the pages to make them mobile friendly

On the Math Humor Page:
Added a photo to the Real World Math Pictures
Added more numbers of the beast

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
Wackie Wordies #100 (Photo Wackie Wordies)
Added an explanation to the answer to Christmas Gifts Puzzle
Corrected two of the Christmas song acronyms

On the Math Puzzles page:
Cross Math Puzzle #42
Math Scramble (math words and anagrams)

On the Calculus Lesson Plans page:
Printer Version of Acivities with Circles and Parabolas
Printer Version of Graph It! Activity
Printer Version of Applications of Conics

On the Statistics Lesson Plans page:
Updated the List of NCAA College Football Champions
Washington Redskins records from 1971 - 2017
Updated the List of Super Bowl Champions
Printer version of the List of Super Bowl Champions

On the Math Links Page:
Added a link to online calculators
Added a link to math competitions

On the Meet Mr. P Page:
Published thirteen brainteasers in techdirections magazine
Added songs to the Commercials Playlist
Added a song to the Love Songs Playlist

On the Problem of the Month page:
Updated Cities in which the Problem Solvers Live
Numerous Problems of the Month