Additions to the Math Page (07/2016 - 12/2016)

On the Miscellaneous Puzzles page:
Presidential Nicknames
Funny Town Slogans
Travels of Mr. P
Unusual Town Names
Anagrams of Christmas Movies
Roamin' History with Roman Numerals
Added a picture to Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle
Made corrections to Hidden NFL Teams puzzle
I Have A Friend #37

On the Math Puzzles page:
Approxduko Puzzle (Approximate SUDOKU)
Made a correction to the cryptarithm SAVE + MORE = MONEY
Made a printer version of Practice with Patterns

On the Math Humor page:
Added twenty pictures to Miscellaneous Math Pictures
Added one picture to the Real World Math Pictures

On the Algebra Lesson Plans page:
List of the Properties of Equality
MENU of Problems with Systems of Equations
College Math -- 10 Simultaneous Equations
Mr. P's Grandkids -- 7 Simultaneous Equations
Celebrity Birthdays -- Systems of Equations (Part 1)
Celebrity Birthdays -- Systems of Equations (Part 2)
Calculating Password Entropy using Logarithms
Updated the list of Fun Formulas

On the Calculus Lesson Plans page:
Made a correction to the Turvy with Applications of the Derivative
Made two corrections to the SUDOKU precalculus review

On the Statistics Lesson Plans page:
Updated Major League Baseball World Series results
Pythagorean Expectation for NFL teams
List of Deadliest American Animals

On the What's New page:
Separated the new items into 21 different pages by date

On the Interactive Puzzles Page:
Made additions to the Famous Birthdays program
Made additions to the Biorhthyms program

On the Math Facts Page:
Updated the Largest Prime Number
Removed the Marx Brothers from the list of Threes (there were five Marx brothers)

On the Meet Mr. P Page:
Added twenty songs to the Commercials Playlist

On the Problem of the Month page:
Map of the U.S. showing states where the Problem Solvers Live
Map of the World showing countries where the Problem Solvers Live
Cities in which the Problem Solvers Live
Numerous Problems of the Month